One of the most common injuries seen in the practice is shoulder pain, specifically rotator cuff pathologies.

What is the rotator cuff and what does it do? The cuff is a group of 4 muscles that support the shoulder through movement as the shoulder is one of the most loose joints in the body, thus we need something to keep it stable or else it will pop out!!

Why does it hurt? This question is a bit harder to answer as there could be numerous reasons. One being it may be weak and is put under stress when we are moving the shoulder in provocative positions.

What can happen if i don't do anything about it? Rotator cuff issues may lead to chronic conditions in which the tendons that attach to the bone in our arm become thick and lose its capability for elasticity which is key in tendons or if it further degenerates it may rupture.

It is better to treat earlier than wait until multiple issues arise. Remember our body is a well drilled machine which needs maintenance and care. WE ONLY HAVE ONE BODY!!! Lets take care of it.