Pre-season screening is one facet of injury management and a key component in preventing injury in sports.

Identifying any physical deficits can determine if an athlete carries a pre-disposition to an injury. The best time for screening is to do it prior to the season starting so that if deficits are identified, it gives the player/athlete time to work on these deficits. Our pre-screening involves identifying past or current injuries and then physically assessing 4 main areas:

  • Mobility and flexibility: Here we look at joint range of motion and muscle length with specific focus on the hip, knee and ankle. Results are compared to the other limb and also compared to the data available for gender and age.
  • Strength: Here we examine strength, specifically looking at core, gluteal, adductor, hamstring, quadricep and calf strength. Again, results are compared to the other limb and data available for gender and age.
  • Control/stability: We consider this area extremely important and allows us to pick up on any biomechanical risk factors that put an athlete at risk of injury. Specifically, we look at if the athlete can demonstrate good core, pelvic, knee and ankle control during static, dynamic, running and jumping/landing tasks.
  • Power: Here we look at how efficient the athlete is at bringing all 3 elements together – mobility/flexibility, strength and control/stability. Specifically looking at hop tests assessing vertical, lateral and combined skills. Again, Results are compared to the other limb and also compared to the data available for gender and age. There is also a subjective element here and video analysis is used to help analyze movement patterns.


Once we have completed the physical assessment, any dysfunctions will be highlighted and an appropriate management plan, incorporating a home exercise program will be prescribed.

To book yourself or your team for a pre-season screening assessment please call Jannali Physiotherapy on 95894014 or use our Online Booking system (pre-screening drop down tab).


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