The Running Recharged Performance Program (RRPP) is an injury reduction, agility-based program aimed at improving performance skills in a safe and controlled environment.

The RRPP is aimed at reducing re-injury rates and preparing people with lower limb injuries for returning to sport, particularly post ACL reconstruction.

We believe that all injuries should be progressed from the physio table to the sporting field. Unlike traditional and generic programs, we aim to not only effectively transition patients back to sport, but back to peak athletic performance in a motivating, safe and controlled environment. This program will cater for all ages and performance levels.

Key performance skills covered in the program include:

  • Muscular endurance and strength
  • Plyometrics
  • Agility
  • Sprinting
  • Decelerating
  • Cutting, Pivoting
  • Landing
  • Sports Specific Drills and change of direction
  • Cardiovascular Endurance

Who would benefit from this program?

  • Post Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstructive clients
  • Post knee and ankle injury (e.g – MCL or sprained ankle)
  • Post muscular injuries (e.g - hamstring, adductor, calf strains/tears)
  • Those wanting to improve general performance skills

Who will run these classes?

The classes will be run by a Physiotherapist for an hour at a specified location and time.

What will the program involve?

  • Comprehensive pre-screening – both physical and psychological assessments based on current research evidence
  • Review of past medical history and discussion of personal training goals
  • Development and implementation of an evidence guided program that includes exercises and drills to restore peak athletic performance
  • Concurrent feedback and video analysis of technique
  • Monitoring and adjusting of programs, as needed, to meet individual performance goals
  • Development of an injury reduction program to be continued once discharged from the Running Recharged Performance Program and whilst the athlete continues to participate in sport.


This program is a health fund approved program. Meaning you are entitled to receive a rebate if you have private health insurance with physio.

There are 4 different options for purchasing the program. Sessions will be capped at 6 people to ensure individual treatment. Sessions will run for 60 minutes.

  1. Standard session - $65
  2. Private 1 on 1 session - $95 (if cannot make the time and want to organise a more suitable time)
  3. 5-week pre-payment pack - $280 (save $45)
  4. 10-week pre-payment pack - $550 (save $100)

For more information please email visit or call our clinic on 95894014.