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Jannali Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic Physiotherapists have been involved in sports injury management at the local, state and national level for over 20 years. This experience has included “on field” sports injury assessment, treatment and injury prevention. We have experience in sports injuries relating to Soccer, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Netball, Swimming, Running, Cycling and more recently crossfit and boot camp.


The causes of low back and neck pain are quite diverse. Factors such as postural control, core strength and stability, joint movement, arthritis, muscle strength and flexibility, work habits and other movement problems all can play a role. Jannali Physiotherapists discuss these problems with you according to your presentation. We will assist with “hands-on” techniques, joint mobilisation or stabilisation as required and we will tailor an exercise and stretching program to assist with home management and long term injury management.


Acute and chronic muscle, ligament and tendon injuries, patellofemoral dysfunction, pre and post fracture, arthroscopy and joint replacement will be professionally managed at Jannali Physiotherapy. Knee pain can often be related to absorbing weight inefficently. This can be related to flat feet, muscle weakness and tightness, poor knee, hip and pelvic control and or gait and running biomechanical dysfunction. All will be assessed and managed appropriately.


Acute and chronic muscle, ligament and tendon injuries, fracture, pre and post operative management, shoulder dislocation and AC ligament injuries are quite different in there management. All of these injuries will be well managed according to there requirements at Jannali Physiotherapy.


Foot and ankle pain and injury can be acute or chronic in nature. Acute sprains and strains benefit from being managed quickly with taping, ankle aircastes for ankle ligament injuries and RICE protocol. Xray requests can be ordered as appropriate. Chronic foot and ankle problems are often related to absorbing body weight inefficiently. This can be caused by flat feet, ankle and knee joint restriction, poor ankle, knee,hip and pelvic control problems and / or biomechanical inefficiencies relating to running and walking.


Our Physiotherapists have 20 years experience rehabilitating clients from a wide range of post operative cases. These include arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, joint replacement and tendon repairs. We have a close relationship with specialists in the area and rehab will be in accordance to specialists protocols.


We can assess and assist with management of problems relating to reduced muscle tone and reduced co ordination, non optimal running and walking techniques, poor postural habits and growth related pain such as Severe’s disease and Osgoodslatters. We can fit and mould Thermoplastic orthotics if required.


Therapists have a special interest in the assessment and treatment of dizziness relating to BPPV (Benign Postural Positional Vertigo).


Darren and his team have been trained to an advanced level in the safe and effective use of dry needling for a variety of sporting, acute and chronic conditions. We will discuss whether this is appropriate for your problem during the course of treatment and no additional fee is needed for this service.

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Meet our team

Darren Etherington

Principal Physiotherapist & Owner
BA Applied Sc (Physio), MPhty.

Darren has been a Physiotherapist for nearly 20 years. He has had experience in Sports Injuries at the local, state and national levels in a variety of Sports.


He has a keen interest in the WHY. Why has this injury happened, why has in recurred, why is it not recovering as expected. Through a thorough examination and movement analysis a treatment plan will be formulated to assist the client to achieve there goals. 

Alex Hunt.

BAppSc (Ex&SpSc), MPhty.

Alex joined Jannali Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic in 2015 after completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Australian Catholic University. Having been heavily involved in sports throughout his life, including Rugby League, Rowing, and CrossFit he has developed a keen interest in the fiel d of Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy. 

As well as participating in a number of sports, Alex has worked with multiple sporting clubs including the Cronulla Sharks, Joeys Rugby League Football Club, De La Salle Rugby League Football Club, and currently also works as a CrossFit Trainer at CrossFit BodiComplete in Kirrawee. Alex is an active member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, and an approved Work Cover Physiotherapist.

Alex’s qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Musculoskeletal Segmental and Dry Needling for Physiotherapists
  • Level 2 Sports Trainer
  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
  • Level 1 Rugby League Referee Certificate
  • Provide emergency care for suspected spinal injury
  • Apply advanced resuscitation techniques
  • Apply First Aid
  • Perform CPR






Justin Noyeaux

Emily Horton


Emily completed her Master’s in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney after gaining her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences majoring in human movement in 2014.

She started her career working in hospitals and gaining experience in ICU, surgical, maternity and medical wards, orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation. Here Emily worked alongside one of physiotherapy’s leading researchers in stroke rehabilitation. She treated many complex patients and developed an ability to analyse complex movement patterns and deliver evidence based scientific practice and treatment protocols.

Emily has been professionally involved with Parramatta Goanna’s AFL association, aiding individuals through rehabilitation and injury prevention programs. Emily also comes from an extremely sporty background previously competing at a national level in Swimming, Oztag and touch football. Fitness is what she advocates for and she is a firm believer of practising what she preaches.

Emily has a passion for analysing movement patterns and how a person’s biomechanics and history contribute to injury. She believes in a holistic approach to health, which can be maintained by adopting a very hands on approach balanced with individualised exercise programs and creating and optimum environment for recovery.

Emily is a firm believer in communication and education. She ensures that all of her patients understand the cause of their pain so they too can take control and participate actively in their recovery.

Above all, she is an extremely passionate physiotherapist who loves seeing the positive impact physiotherapy can have on someone’s life.










"Are you moving poorly because you are in pain? Or are you in pain because you are moving poorly?"



Consultation fees

$76.00 Initial Consult
$76.00 Standard Consult


$69.00 Initial Consult
$69.00 Standard Consult

Sponsored Sports

$67.00 Initial Consult
$67.00 Standard Consult

Equipment Aids/ Hire

A variety of knee, ankle, wrist, finger, thumb, shoulder and back braces are available for purchase. Crutches, aircastes and walking boots are avilable for sale or hire as required.

Extra Fees apply for 2 treatment areas



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